May 31, 2021


My first time ever successful chowder!

I did not have any fish at home but kindly asked my skipper for some frames from the charter in the morning. Reliable as they are I got three nice snapper frames and heads to cooked stock on. A good stock makes a difference! And even though the they were really nicely filleted with ”nothing left” on it, there is SO much meat in the head and between the bones just to peel off when it is cooked. Three frames were more than enough for a soup for us!

For 4 people: Finely chop ½ leek, 1 carrot, 1 celery stalk, parsley and 1 potato. Heat around 30gram butter and cook the veggies until they are softened. Add 1/3cup flour and stir. The gradually add fish stock, up to 4cups, and 1cup cream. Cook together and season to taste. Then you can add whatever you want in it! The recipe said 2 bacon rashes but I had some smoked marlin in the fridge that I used instead. I added the snapper meat from the frames and some prawns and scallops I had in the freezer. Lots of food in that chowder! Next time I will skip the frozen stuff and just go for fresh fish and fresh mussels! ENJOY!!!

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