Mar 10, 2021


Tuna, blues, kingis, snapper...

There have been some very nice snapper being caught up in the shallows on the sand banks in the inner bay. Plenty of pannies with some big ones among them. We recommend to target the big ones with live baits and you may pick up some kingfish as well.

Kingfish are in good numbers around the bait schools in the bay though the bronzies are often present as well. If the taxmen show up you are better off going and finding a new spot as they will take all the kingies you hook. There are still fish on the outer reefs though the weather dictates whether or not you can fish these more exposed areas.

Big game fishing has been good though stripeys seem a bit thin on the east coast. Having said that there are some nice stripeys being caught and a good number of blue marlin about. There is also a good number of yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi and the odd short billed spear fish around. Fishing with lures rather than live baits is the go as you can cover more water and will get more variety.

There is plenty of season to go so get out and have a go! Cant wait to see you on board!


Tight lines

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