May 7, 2021


Snapper gone deeper and the striped marlin are close in!

We definitely left summer the last week of the school holidays and we are already in the end of autumn! Sea life is preparing for winter which has its interesting challenges and great opportunities! The Bay of Islands has full range of fishing, we can not ask for much more! Let our fishing report inspire you to put a line in the water!

Snapper fishing has continued to be patchy for the last month or so. There are still the small snapper everywhere though there are some fish of good quality in some of the deeper areas. We are often catching nice snapper when we are targeting kingies. The nice fish that were in the shallows have thinned out and are harder to find. Still some odd monsters that are amazing to watch, but better to leave for breeding!

Kingie fishing is proving very challenging lately. There are plenty around though the bronze whalers are nearly always with them making it difficult to land those that are hooked. Hopefully the cooling water will slow the tax men down soon as it is concerning how many of these sharks are around. They are everywhere and has the charter fleet scratching is head as to what to do about this issue.

Big game fishing is still going strong with plenty of striped marlin being caught in close and there is still a few yellowfin tuna about. Surprising to still be catching the yellowfin in May.

At the moment the weather is great so get out there and have a go.

Tight lines!

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