Sep 6, 2021


Restrictions applied limiting the number of anglers and more.

Believe me, we can not wait going out fishing with you!

To make it safe we limit the number of anglers to four on Wairere and five on Screaming Reels under level 2 restrictions.

We will still provide all the fishing gear and bait for you but to keep it clean and safe we ask you to hold on to the rod you chose for the entire trip and not sharing it with someone else. Thank you!

Of course we have the QR Tracer on board and we practice good hygiene providing soap, water and hand sanitizer on board.
Please bring your own face cover! If you can make it to the Bay of Islands we welcome you warmly on board and will look after your safety! If you can not make it here now we hope you stay well and to see you here soon!

Spring is definitely here but we still have the winter deals going - hopefully you can find something that suits you! If you can't find anything for you there, we have the standard selection of charters available, with limited numbers!

As you understand, we are very excited to get out on the waters again!!!

Tight lines.

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