Nov 5, 2021


Spring is here and fab fishing comes with it!

The snapper have moved into the bay in large numbers and are hanging out around the usual areas of the bay for this time of the year. Centre foul and Mitas foul are fishing well and also plenty under the amazing work ups in the middle of the bay. Both lures and baits are working well. Time to try out some new ones!

If you can’t get out on the water, rock fishing is a brilliant alternative or complement. Beautiful snapper are caught from the many places around the coast line in the bay. Why not enter the Swordfish Club Rock Hoppers competition that are arranged 19th-21st November in the Bay of Islands or any other rock hopper around the country! Lots of fun!

Kingies have still been on and off a bit, not hungry while spawning. There have been some nice fish taken among the work ups in the bay and there is always a few hanging out on the deeper reefs. We should start seeing more in the shallows as the water continues to warm up.

Be aware that the tax men, the sharks, are about in big numbers and they might even take your hooked snapper. We haven’t seen snapper being sharked here until now, so you better reel it quick! You may also need to move around a fair bit.

We are in for a warm summer by the looks of it and the water temperature is warming with temperatures reaching well over 18 degrees at the moment. Expect it to drop again though before the summer water pushes in.

It is awesome times with all the spring activity going on. Please try to limit your catch and please let the big ones go. It is easy to catch a lot of snapper right now and people get caught up in the heat of the moment. Only take what you need. I have seen a number of boats coming in with so many fish they don’t know what to do with them all.

Get out there and enjoy the spring fishing.

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