Dec 16, 2021


Total fishing - snapper, kingfish, marlin, tuna - all here in the Bay of Islands, NOW!

What a great start to the big game season. Starting on the 1st of December with a couple of striped marlin and a yellowfin caught, there have been numerous marlin, yellowfin tuna and shortbilled spearfish caught since with water temperatures up over 24 degrees. Very warm for the time of the year. Can’t wait to get out there.

The snapper are still plentiful in the bay with every session producing plenty of large snapper. Baits and lures are all working very well.

Kingies are back in the bay on the bait schools and there are plenty on the deeper reefs as well.

So at the moment the fishing is great all round. Get out there and enjoy it.

Also be aware the new rules applying to the marine mammals starts today so be careful when travelling out in the Bay of Islands.


Tight lines

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