Feb 10, 2022


Large number of marlins and more...

The hot summer fishing in the Bay of Islands is just MORE than normal! We have the big numbers of marlin out off the bay and good size snapper and kingi close in. It is all so accessible!

Snapper have finished spawning and have spread themselves out. Stray lining with fresh bait in shallow water of less than ten metres deep has been producing some nice fish. The rock-hoppers are having a great time catching good size snapper in the shallows.

Kingies have remained to be on and off. The deep reefs have still been producing however the fish in the shallows have been a little elusive and the sharks are ever present. Early mornings they can be seen hunting around the wharf.

The game fishing season is proving to be one out of the box with large numbers of marlin out off the bay. The last day we were out we had plenty of nibbles all day until the big a pack attack happened. We got a treble hook up, which happens now and then, but this time we managed to catch all three by tagging two and landing one for the smoker.

The Easterly winds have been relentless though and preventing many boats from getting out to the game fishing grounds. Here’s hoping for the weather patterns to change soon as I am sure the second half of the season will be fantastic.

Tight lines.

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