Wairere - Bay of Islands

Wairere - Bay of Islands

Wairere - Bay of Islands

Extremely efficient Bay fishing boat going for Snapper and Kingfish. 'Wairere' means 'Waterfall' and she takes the sea so great so that you will not get sprayed.

Wairere - Bay of Islands
Wairere - Bay of Islands
Wairere - Bay of Islands


The Boat

  • Great Bay fishing boat that has been serving the Bay the last 18 years with great success!
  • Comfortable stable and robust
  • Takes the sea excellent and keeps you dry
  • Plenty of rod holders
  • Seating in cabin and outside
  • Comfortable toilet facilities
  • Cruising speed 15 knots
  • Aluminium, 8.5 m
  • Takes maximum 8 guests

Jennifer Mayes - skipper

  • Jenn has been boating ever since she left England after finishing school. As a dive master she has not only been on the water but in the water as dive instructor and photographer world wide.
  • Since she has spent the last years professionally in the Bay of Islands, mostly on tour the boats, she knowns the bay as her own pocket. She will take you to some of the great spots putting you on the fish. Jenn will assist you and it does not matter if you are a beginner or experienced. She has a genuine desire to see you catch some decent fish!
  • When stepping on board on Wairere, Jenn will share the best fishing and a unique experience in the Bay of Islands with you! Enjoy!


Speed Jigging Sets with the ”best reel ever made in this class” 

  • When we speed jig we provide two different sets for the hard work; one overhead and one spinning. Both are Fin-Nor Lethal sets. The overhead set has the narrow spool Fin-Nor Lethal 16C reel, spooled with 80lb X8 J-Braid. The rod matched to this reel is the Fin-Nor Lethal LTC56-325, 24-37Kg, rod which handles Jigs up to 350g. This set is a dream to catch a big kingfish on with its power and its smooth and strong drag.
  • ‍The spin set is also a Fin-Nor Lethal set. The reel is the Lethal 100, which in a review made by Allan Hawk was noted to be the ”best reel ever made in this class”. Spooled with 80lb X8 J-Braid it gives enough strength and drag to take on any kingfish that swims in our waters. The Lethal S56-325 rod will neither let the angler down with its 24-37kg line weight and 350g jig weight specification.

Slow Jig and Softbait Sets

  • ‍Two types of sets are available onboard for slow jigging with lures such as kabura sliders, micro jigs and softbaits. Both sets are high-end Daiwa sets on the Bluebacker rods.
  • ‍The Spin version onboard has the Daiwa BG16 3000 reel spooled with 30lb X8 J-braid giving the angler phenomenal contact with the lure and plenty of cranking power when needed. The light weight and the smooth gear and drag on this set keeps the angler fishing without fatigue. The rod is the Daiw Bluebacker LJ662MHS which is a PE1-3 rod handling jig weights up to 180g. Plenty of power in this rod to land anything that comes its way.
  • ‍The overhead version is composed by the amazing Daiwa Lexa 300HD reel and a Daiwa Bluebacker 602MHB rod. Spooled with 30lb X8-J braid and the direct drive on the overhead reel, together with the rod performance, provides for a un-matched sensitivity and balanced light gear fishing. This is the sets preferred by the pros and is a pure joy to fish with for the experienced angler.

Straylining Sets catching the 20 pounder snappers

  • ‍Straylining is popular and effective when we target big snappers and for this type of fishing we use the Fin-Nor BT80 Baitteaser reel on a Fin-Nor Offshore 7’ 8-15Kg rod. This set is popular and used on almost all charters. Spooled with 10Kg Platypus IGFA low-stretch mono line gives the angler good control over the hook up and through out the entire fight with the fish.

Ledger Rig Gear

  • ‍For vertical fishing with ledger rigs Spot-X have two different sets. The Okuma 300L Classic reel on a 6-10kg Okuma UFR rod. This set is popular for snapper fishing and gives the angler a good user experience due to the light weight and sensitive tip on the rod. The reel is spooled with 10kg Platypus IGFA mono line. The second set onboard is a heavier 10-15kg PENN set with the PENN 500L Reel and the PENN Jigmaster rod. This set is preferred when engaging with the bigger snapper and even kingfish. We spool this with 15kg Platypus IGFA mono line.

Live Bait Gear

  • For Kingfishing when we do live baiting we use 15+ Kg rods and all reels are spooled with 50lb X8 J-Braid line. The reels we use are the Daiwa Sealine SL50SH reels. Low gearbox, fairly high speed gear ratio gives good balance in the gear when fighting a big kingie.

With the best!

Wayne did a great job. I have fished with many captains throughout the world and he ranks with the best of them; communication skills, flexibility and just the right amount of conversation!

Thanks for a really great day!

Thanks Wayne for a really great day.Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Just about to tuck in to our catch.

Memorable day!

Great day fishing! Great knowledge of where to go was the key as generally a quiet day. Very professional organization that were great to deal with and ensured a memorable day. Will be back!

Great boat, great skipper, great weather!

Slow day for fish but all part of angling. Everything controllable was perfect! Still enough to lead to a couple of great dinners

Great afternoon, nice Snapper!

First time for me on a fishing charter, our skipper was skilled and patient! Put us right on the fish in different locations! I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, thanks so much!!

Had the most amazing time fishing with SpotX!

First time sea fishing and it was incredible. Such a good team running the show! Would highly recommend and great value for money. Thanks guys for a great first time sea fishing!

Had a ball and will be back!!!

HEY I HAVE FISHED worldwide and SPOT-X are up there if not the best! KINGFISH were awesome wohooo WORDS CANT describe the thrill and the fight of bringing home those big one´s. 5 STAR RATING

"Real kiwi fishing experience"

The best thing we did in Paihia! Not only did our skipper Jeff take us to a great spot where we were reeling in snapper all afternoon, he was a great laugh and made the trip for us. "

"Fishing with a top Skipper"

Absolutely loved our time on the fishing snapper trip!! Great, easy going skipper who made it an awesome fun day and ensured we didn't leave without catching heaps of fish!! "

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