We love the sea and our beautiful environment.

Our belief is that if we do not care about life in the sea we will have less fish.

Hamish Faire

  • Fishing has been Hamish's passion all his life.
  • Has been charter fishing since 1990.
  • Has caught world and New Zealand records for his clients.
  • Has won numerous fishing tournaments. Too many to mention.
  • Has won from the Bay of Islands Swordfish Club: Champion skipper of tagged and released game fish, Boat most game fish, Boat heaviest game fish, Heaviest marlin and a few others on many occations.
  • Hamish has a special eye for details and quality when it comes to fishing. He carefully selects the equipment to be used.  Hamish has equipped a number of successful game boats.
  • During a period when he was not skippering full time, he was manger at one of New Zealands biggest fishing tackle stores.

George King-Turner

  • Fishing and boating is his passion. George started early in the family owned commercial fishing charter company before he decided to expand in the marine industry. He has the second highest certificate in his ILM Inshore Launchmaster.
  • George loves what he is doing and will put you on the spots. He will give you an adventure of being out chasing fish!
  • He is a great teacher and will guide you how to use the various equipment regardless if you are a beginner or experienced.
  • George is master in spearfishing. He started when he was 6 years old and he has never stopped.
  • He is also a commercial diver and boat builder engineer.

To contribute we:

  • Encourage you to only keep a feed or maximum 3 fish on a Bay fishing charter.
  • Strictly keep to the regulations carefully releasing undersized fish and keep to the catch limits.
  • We encourage Tag and Release fishing, on all species (both on big and small game (marlin and Kingfish)
  • We do Game Pitch Baiting;  towing hookless lures to tease the marlin and when they are attracted we switch baiting which needs a bit of timing and teamwork!  This technique does not injure the fish as much and tag and release is even more relevant!

Environmental friendly products on board.

  • All cleaning products are environmental friendly biodegradable. Including cleaning products for rods, reels, towels, cabin and toilet.
  • The soft bait is organic instead of the normal plastic that will pollute the sea if you loose it and the fish if it gets it.

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