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bay of islands DAILY FISHING TRIPS!

Come on board and catch fish on one of our amazing fishing charters. Target Snapper or Kingfish in the Bay or go out on the big deep blue for Marlin Tuna or Hapuku. Pick the right boat for you; Wairere goes for Kingfish charters and Snapper charters or Full Day mix. Screaming Reels goes for Kingfish charters, Deep Sea and Big Game fishing charters on 10 hours day trips or sleepovers up to 5 days. Shared seats available on both boats as well as Private charters, where you can tailor your trip.
We on SpotX are passionate to give you a unique experience of the supreme places in the Bay of Islands!
Welcome onboard!!!

Snapper Charters

Half day fishing trips, 5 hour trips available in the morning, 4 hour trips in the morning and afternoon! We fillet the fish for you to bring home or to a restaurant. #freshfishfordinner
From $125pp.

Kingfish Charters

Kingfish charters targeting big fighter.
6, 7 or 8 hours thrilling adventures either on Wairere or Screaming Reels!
Normally also time for good snapper fishing!
From $260pp.

Big game & Deep Sea Fishing

Marlin, Tuna, Hapuku, Swordfish...
Join a Deep Sea Adventure for a Day or Multiple Days with sleepover on the boat. The longer you stay out where the fish is...!

winter specials

Swordfish, Hapuku, Kingfish, Snapper...

A wide range of Winter Specials from June to last of August! Up to 20% off!
Something for everyone!

the bay of islands - a stunning fishing Location

The Bay of Islands is a subtropical micro-region known for its stunning beauty, history and great fishing. The Bay is a large, deep and natural harbour containing 144 islands and plenty of reefs which is perfect for the marine wild life and fishing! The reefs are on various depths and hosts a huge variety of species from Hapuka on the deep reefs to the  Kingfish, Red and Golden Snappers, Trevally, John Dory, Terakihi, Gurnard, Grandaddy hapuka and more ion the reefs closer in. All divine eating! Since the 1930s this area is well renowned internationally for its big game fishing for Marlin and Tuna. We provide tagging on board!
You will have a great experience out on the water with us, experience the fishing and maybe the marine wild life with dolphins, blue penguins, seals, orcas and sharks!
We pick up from Russell wharf, Paihia wharf and Waitangi wharf!

the boats in the bay of islands

Our boats are designed for fishing - extreamly steady and robust boats with all the comfort and facilities you need. Equipped from the fish tackle shop 'Screaming Reels' with high quality gear and the latest in fishing, you will have a true fishing experience!

Tisha MacInnes - deckhand

Tenakoutou katoa, ko Tisha MacInnes toku ingoa, no Kororareka ahau.

Hello all, my name is Tisha MacInnes and I live in Kororāreka.  I am from Russell and am introducing myself as Deckhand for Spot X and Screaming Reels. 

As a local in Russell I have spent many years both recreationally and professionally in the Bay of Islands. 

My professional experience includes deckhand,  host and cook on commercial vessels in previous years and I now combine both my love of angling and my pleasure of sharing the unique marine experience of the Bay of Islands in my position aboard Screaming Reels. 

I welcome and invite you all to join us aboard Screaming Reels where you can experience the hospitality and angling adventures that are my privelidge to share with you. 




Chris Dabb - Coromandel Amodeo Bay

  • Chris, brings his wealth of knowledge to the SpotX team! A true blue Coromandel fisherman, Chris has spent much of the last 25 years out on the Hauraki Gulf building on his skills and working commercially out on the water.
  • His enthusiasm for all types of fishing is unmistakable, combine that with years of experience working this unique and thriving fishing ground, and you’re in for an unforgettable fishing experience with a top kiwi guide.
  • Chris’s trips target Snapper and Kingfish from the surrounding islands out from Amodeo bay on the Western side of the Coromandel Peninsula up to Fletchers Bay and Channel Island.

Hamish Faire - skipper

  • Fishing has been Hamish's passion all his life. He got his ILM a few days after he turned 18!
  • Has been charter fishing since 1990.
  • Has caught world and New Zealand records for his clients.
  • Has won numerous fishing tournaments. Too many to mention.
  • Has won from the Bay of Islands Swordfish Club: Champion skipper of tagged and released game fish, Boat most game fish, Boat heaviest game fish, Heaviest marlin and a few others on many occations.
  • Hamish has a special eye for details and quality when it comes to fishing. He carefully selects the equipment to be used.  Hamish has equipped a number of successful game boats.
  • During a period when he was not skippering full time, he was manger at one of New Zealands biggest fishing tackle stores.

Terrence Robertson - Bay of Islands

  • Terrence stands for high quality experience when he takes you out to the fishing spots in the Bay of Islands. 
  • He listens and will with his experience, structure and passion, guide you out on the sea, regardless if you are a beginner or experienced.
  • In addition to his passion for fishing and water sports he has a long time commitment to wellnes being a nutrition/excersise coach.
  • When stepping on board a charter with Terrence at the wheel, you will meet a safe and professional skipper with a good sense of humor! Enjoy!

Wairere - Bay of Islands

Extremely efficient Bay fishing boat going for Snapper and Kingfish. 'Wairere' means 'Waterfall' in maori and she takes the sea so great so that you don't get sprayed.

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Screaming Reels - Bay of Islands

Outstanding comfort and best sea keeping boat designed for extreme fishing. She takes us to the best areas for Kingfish, Hapuka and Big Game fishing. Join us to the Three Kings Islands or day trips.

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