Nov 27, 2020


And a great game season forecasted!

Summer is almost here. Warmer weather and water has seen plenty of fishos getting out there amongst the snapper that are schooling in the bay. Snapper have been full on as per usual at this time of the year. The Rockhopper starting today in the Bay of Islands and we expect lots of action, and lots of fun!!!, around the coast line this weekend! We are so lucky with the weather!

Kingies have become a little more consistent with a few being caught in the bay around the bait schools and plenty on the outer reefs as well. 

Still a few Hapuku around in the deep though they have finished spawning. 

We are starting to keep an eye on the big game scene. There have been numerous yellowfin tuna and mahi-mahi taken already and the first stripey has been weighed in. Also a blue marlin tagged though this was a long way off the coast. 

With a strong La Ninia pattern happing this summer we should be expecting warmer than average water temperatures so hopefully and great game season.  

There are still some squid about and these area good size on average. 

Bring on summer. 

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