Dec 21, 2020


Game season is here already!

Summer is well and truly here with some beautiful warm, settled weather recently!

Snapper are still in the bay in large numbers. Some days they are on the bite providing great fishing though some days it is the opposite, which can be frustrating.

Kingies have been much the same. Some days they are around the bait schools in the bay and the next day no sign of them. Deeper reefs have been more consistent however providing on most days.

There is plenty going on out wide on the big game scene. Yellowfin tuna are around in good numbers up and down the coast and with them have arrived the bill fish. A number of blue and striped marlin have been caught in the last couple of weeks along with mahi-mahi and shortbilled spear fish. The water is good with temperatures up over 22 degrees in some areas already.


I am so looking forward to getting out there and getting into a fantastic game season ahead!

See you out there!

Tight lines,


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