May 1, 2018

April was great fishing!!!

April has been a GREAT month for fishing with a little more settled weather!

April has been a great month for fishing with a little more settled weather than the previous couple of months, and some great fishing along with it.

Snapper have been up in the shallows as they usually are at this time of the year but there have been some great sessions in the middle of the bay as well. Centre foul has been producing some beautiful snapper recently. Our lovely snapper keepers have been from 40 cm up to 2-3 kg! The 10+ kg snapper that was caught a week ago we released for another day! It is just so amazing to have such beauty hooked on! Some really good trevally and john dory have also been among the very nice catches.

Kahawai are everywhere and are feeding on the massive schools of anchovies that are in the harbours. These guys are easy to catch at the moment and will take anything you may present to them. Get out and have some great fun!

Kingfish fishing has been great. Plenty of nice kingies are hanging around the schools of mackerel in the bay so you don’t need to go too far to get amongst them. There are also very good fish out on the deeper reefs with some good size fish being caught out on 71 metre reef and around Cape Brett.

Big game continues to fish well for striped marlin but most of the blue marlin and yellowfin tuna have left for warmer waters. Stripeys have been in large numbers off Oceans beach lately and are still in good numbers between Cape Brett and the Poor Nights islands.

As the water temperature drops we can expect to see the marlin slow down and see an increase in kingfish and hapuku fishing. Can not wait to get you some good hapuku soon!

Tight lines!

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