Mar 8, 2019

Awesome fishing

Good times in the Bay! Plenty of Kingfish, good Snapper keeps you alert and Marlin and Tuna is here!

We have been very lucky this year not only with fabulous summer weather but also amazing fishing. And still is! The Snapper fishing in the Bay of Islands is difficult as usual at this time of the year.Middle areas are full of small fish and can be very frustrating going through your bait rapidly. So you have to go looking where the decent sized are,which, of course, changes quite often! We have been finding them very shallow under periods or very deep other periods. We went out to the Cape Brett yesterday with amazing clear water seeing the bottom 40m down and there was good snapper fishing! Some nice Grandaddy hapuka landed as well! Naturally,some juveniles hooked to throw back, but our average size has been around 40cm last week beside some good 5 pound snapper. Perfect sizes and great action! And yummy dinners!

The fishing for Kingfish has been a ball in the Bay of Islands. We have had plenty of crazy days with up to 15 kingfish caught and released. Mainly the average size of 10-15kg and one massive beauty over 25kg.We have been catching them on the deeper reefs around and all over the Bay of Islands. As the Snapper they are moving around quite a bit now and no longer hanging around the bait schools in the bays so best chances are now out deeper.

The game season has been a little slow however things are improving with some good patches of stripeys showing up in close and some nice blues and yellowfin tuna out a bit wider. We have seen plenty (we are talking 10+) of stripeys around the boat, all locked in on the bait shoals, and totally ignorant to the lures. You can nearly touch them from the boat. The phenomenon has been seen a little more this year than usual. It is a fabulous sight and it isa good thing! We have still plenty of the game season left and it is hotting up for the second half of the season!

Get out there and feel it!


Tight lines.

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