May 23, 2019

Crazy fishing around Coromadel and the northern peninsula!

Snapper on the move, Kingis are smashing and Kahawais in schools!

Over the past month the fishing around Coromadel and the northern peninsula has been crazy for big snapper, Kings and lots of Kahawai!

Snapper are on the move heading out of the Firth of Themes and feeding strong. It is easy to get your lunch and dinner sorted with Snapper and, if you are keen on the Kahawai (have you tried them raw as sashimi – a favorite!) there is definitely no shortage of them.

Also it is a great time of the year to fish off the bricks north of Colville around Fantail Bay. The Kings are still in good numbers feeding amongst the big schools of Kahawai, but they can be a bit more shy now.

The mussel farms out of Anglers Lodge, Rabbit Islands, are really crazy for Kings though, as they like to hide under the boat and smash all he undersized snapper you release back into the water. We have intelligent creatures to deal with here!

So we all know it’s coming into the cold season. Now this time of the year can produce day after day of calm water and also be more refreshing as it is not so hot! We love it!!!

I am going to leave you with a saying that says: Fish your feet! Give it a crack, you won’t be disappointed…!

Thanks again!


Tight lines.

Cptn Chris

SpotX Fishing Charters at Anglers Lodge, Amodeo Bay, Coromandel

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