Aug 31, 2019

Fish the Spring

September means HAPUKA - best time of the year!

To end up with a  good variety species from the 10-40 m reefs, i.e Blue Cod, Pink Mau Mau,  Gurnard, Grandaddy Hapuka, Kahawai, Snapper and more, you will probably need  to change spots a couple of times until you find them and get away from the  little ones. The fish is moving around, which keeps us on our toes and you  never know what hooks on! The winter fish easily spits the hook, even the  kingis, but as long as you keep the line tight and go with the play you  should get your dinner sorted pretty quickly! Again, keep alert!

The crystal-clear water is a wonderful entertainment and perfect for diving,  spearfishing, picking oysters, kinas and what the sea can offer.
The squid ink marks on the wharf are plenty and new ones are coming all the  time. The squid are big now! Some octopus are coming along as well. Funny  animals having a small brain in each limb and are pretty challenging to  handle when you land them! But yum after cooking them for quite a while in  wine, garlic herbs… A big part of our squid community is on holiday which  gives more opportunities for the rest of us to get some lovely squid for  dinner! Give it a go and maybe try a new squid jig!  

September means the best time for Hapuka fishing, before they start spawning!Hapuka, Hãpuku,Whapuku or Grouper! Dear child has many names. The magnificent Polyprionoxygeneios is not too far out, but some nasty windy systems that has been around has made it hard to get out to the200-400 m reefs. But a daylike today and this coming weekend it is hard to think about something better than a lovely day out on the Deep Blue targeting one of the tastiest fish there is! Just 1-1.5 hours from the wharfs in the Bay of Islands.
Talking about Hapuka we would like to celebrate the spring with some Hapuka Specials!!! Come out with and enjoy a day outon the deep reefs with us! In September we offer a great discount on the Hapuka fishing tour. Get your friends andfamily together and enjoy a day out on Screaming Reels!
Hurry, not many days left in September!

If you are in the mood to go out on your own and need to top up your gear, weare fully stocked on all you need for your Hapuka fishing! 2- and 3-hook Hapuka rigs in various sizes, Flasher rigsand Light Sticks! And if you still have not tried the electricreels it is time now, they are here to stay and they are good. The Best Seller is the Tanacom 1000 and Daiwa Saltist 56HT Deep Drop or Swivel Tip. The combo saves you $100!

Do not forget that patience is the key out there and you will get good results when putting some time in on the spots!

Tight lines.

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