Apr 4, 2019

Good tricks to get to the good Snapper! 

Straylines with no weight around shallow reefs has been the ticket in at Coromancel and Amodeo Bay!

Hi all,

The past couple of weeks or so has made me work a little harder for the snapper. It is not that they are not there, it’s trying to get the bait past the big bunch of juvenile Snapper, plus the plagues of Kahawai,which can be sooo much fun on light tackle and good for the smoker! So I have found using Straylines with no weight around shallow reefs, about 7-10m,and along the weed edge has been the ticket around the local area.

Kings are still in force around the Coro Islands and have started to feed around the Mussel farms on the odd small Snapper when releasing. Channel islands has provided some BIG kings this season and lots of them, just getting them past those HUGE Sharks is a whole new ballgame. Make you work hard and feel the pain!

Now we all know its coming to the end of the Summer season, but don't let that hold you back from getting out there! It is beautiful and some of the best fishing can be in the colder months ahead.


Tight lines.

Captain Chris SpotX Fishing Charters Amodeo Bay, Coromandel

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