Dec 13, 2018

Lots of FUN!!!

The big game season is about to kick off. We went out for a look and found all the signs were there!

We are enjoying the wonderful feeling of summer and some good fishing in the Bay of Islands! The weather was not like this a couple of weeks ago when wind and rain made it a bit harder. The fishing has been amazing though all through last month, weather regardless! Lots of actions and great experiences.

The kingie fishing has picked up with some fantastic days with plenty landed and most released. Other days have remained as difficult as earlier in the spring. Though they are around they are proving to be inconsistent and hard work to catch. And hard work we do!

The snapper on the other hand are here in abundance and we are having a lot of fun with these guys. Plenty for a feed and releasing the vast majority of the larger fish. We are getting spoiled this time of the year!One day last week we went out for a little challenge targeting terakihi. We land them now and then when we do the snapper fishing but targeting them to get more than one, accidentally, is another story. And we made it! Went to the little deeper spot, used smaller baits and fished hard on the bottom – only target species landed by all anglers! It was a good day!

The big game season is about to kick off. We went out for a look a couple of days ago and found all the signs were there. Good warm blue water and plenty of life. Ninepin trenches looked especially good and we caught plenty of skippies there.

The weather is nice and warm and sea temperature is up around 19 degrees.

We are looking forward to a great summer!

See you out on the waters!



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