Jan 10, 2018

Snappers are everywhere!

Here in the Bay we are proud of all the species we have!

Here in the Bay we are proud of all the species we have! In November and December, the (big) snappers dominated massively and no other fish had a chance to come to the hook. But fishing changes all the time and last weeks fishing, before the storm, we had a huge variety of fish on board every trip. One of the highlights was the 52cm Blue Cod. The boat was full of international guests from Scandinavia, America and Australia plus kiwis from Wellington, and guess who caught the Blue cod! Yes, the kiwi from Wellington, it was not his first one, as he put it…, but one of the biggest one he ever got! Blue Cod is delicious, so we were all very happy.

The Terakihi, Trevally and Kahawai seems all to be very hungry now and even so the John Dory that has hooked on a couple of times lately. Did you know that the sharp marking of the John Dory fades short after the fish die, but comes back again after a while.

To sum up the situation we have very good fishing! Even though skipper George say there are Snappers everywhere, the variety is huge!

And best of all, they are all yum!

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