Oct 4, 2018

Spring is here and great fishing with it!

Things are changing with the first of the breeding snapper arriving and there are some hot bites...

The snapper fishing in the Bay has been very good throughout the winter and into spring with the best fishing being in the shallows of less than 15 meters. Plenty of 10+ pounder snappers has been landed and also released. Things are changing now though with the first of the breeding snapper arriving and there are some hot bites going on around Mitas foul area. Last night we had a big (read big, big) snapper hooked on out on 25 meters so the spring is here.

The one yesterday hooked on one of the great Bay of Island skutes. In general sftbaits and skutes have been working well on the school fish withnuke chook and lime tiger colours doing very well. We can expect to see moreand more snapper arriving in the Bay over the next coupleof months.

Kingie fishing has been a little harder than usual lately but there have still been some very good fish up to 30 kg taken around the Cape Brett area. Other days heaps have been swimming just under the boat without biting and we could nearly touch them. Maybe annoying but also one of those fascinating experiences when it comes to fishing! As normal when it is like that the bait fish has been plenty and easy to catch both for us and for the kingies. Interestingly, there has also been a few slender tuna caught recently as a by catch when targeting kingfish. Very nice!

On the deep sea tours hapukas has been really nice and stable lately. On the 230 meters we still get the 10-15 kg pieces. We have got great feedback on our electric reels on the Screaming Reels when it comes to deep sea, very convenient and full focus on the fish instead of winding.

Last but not the least, it is magic time for squid! We have been having a great time over the winter eging (squid jigging) off the Russell wharf at night. On good nights we are catching a dozen or more large broadsquid and so far we have had a 100% success rate having never missed taking at least one home. Just remember to cover the wharf a bit since the squid does mess quite a lot with their ink!

The water temperature is on the move now with a rise of a degree or so over the last ten days so things are changing as we move towards the summer.

Bring it on!

Hope to seeing you on board, soon!

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