Feb 12, 2021


Plenty of marlin and tuna out wide and the snapper have remained consistent in the middle of the bay

Snapper fishing has remained some what consistent over the last while with school fish remaining in the bay longer than usual. Good snapper fishing has been had around the centre foul and on the sand in the middle of the bay. We can expect this to slow right down now and the snapper to move right up the harbours and estuaries in the coming month.

Kingfish have remained tricky and inconsistent. The outer reefs still holding many sharks to ruin the fishing and the kingies in the bay being present but tricky. Mostly the bite is around tide change with a short bite time.

Big game is in full swing though the weather is some what unsettled limiting days to get out wide. There are plenty of striped marlin and yellowfin tuna about to keep it interesting. The odd blue marlin and mahi-mahi being caught as well.

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