Jan 31, 2020


The snapper have finished spawning, the Kahawai are starting to and the Game fish are here!

The snapper have pretty much finished spawning and the majority have moved back out of the bay. There are still some nice snapper out deep in the 50 metre plus area. There re also some nice snapper in the shallows feeding on anchovies if you can find the bait balls. 

Kahawai have moved in in large numbers getting ready for their spawning and many are large ocean fish that are great fun on light gear. 

Kingfish have been in good numbers on themackerel schools though they are certainly working on bite times so being thereat the right time is critical. Slow trolling live mackerel is the way to gohere.

Big game fishing is in full swing with manyyellowfin around this season as well as the marlin, mahi-mahi and short billedspearfish. The weather has been amazing so plenty of people are managing to getout for a go.

Tight lines


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