Dec 6, 2019


Snapper and Kingfish are in full spawn mode and the first Marlin should be here soon!

The water has warmed up considerably in the last few days and the snapper are in full spawn mode. The snapper fishing is on and off with some days just full on and the next day they shut down. Very typical for the spawning season.

Kingies are plentiful both out on the deeper reefs and in the Bay around the bait schools. They are a little on the skinny side though as they have spawned and lost condition however they are feeding hard and it won’t be too long before they fatten up again.

The game season is off to a start with yellowfin, short billed spear fish and mahi- mahi being caught in the past week or so. Only a short matter of time before the first marlin is recorded.

The weather has been great and the water is up over the 20 degrees. Bring on summer.

Tight lines 


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