Jul 26, 2018


We are fully into winter fishing mode, meaning there are plenty of species to target her in the Bay!

It is now the end of July so we are in the middle of winter and fully into winter fishing mode.

Here in the Bay of Islands it means there are plenty of species to target, including Tarakihi, Hapuku, Trevally, John Dory and of course Snapper and Kingfish.

We are happy to share some of our basic experiences we have for the moment when out fishing, on charters or private!

Kingfish are holding on the deeper reefs of the Bay and dropping live baits or are the most productive methods to get these guys. If you want to catch a really big king use large live baits around the outer headlands of the Bay and be patient.

Snapper are around in good numbers and the better fish are targeted by stray lining live or butterflied whole mackerel in a burley trail. Be aware there are numerous juvenile snapper around so don’t use small hooks and baits or you will end up killing a lot of undersized fish. We also have had great times when

John Dory can show up anywhere, so it pays to drop a live bait where ever you are fishing and you may snag a couple of these guys to add a nice bonus to your catch. Just set a live bait neat the sea floor.

Trevally are about in good numbers and are one of the best sashimi fish around. Smaller cube or strip baits fished in burley are the best way to target these.

Hapuku are feeding up and beginning to roe up now and on these calm clear winter days are it is a good time to get out around the 200 metre mark and catch some excellent quality eating fish. If you drop a rig with smaller hooks and baits you will also find plenty of large tarakihi there as well.

Tarakihi are also abundant in some areas in the bat on rubbly areas from 40 metres and deeper. Use small hooks (2/0) and baits for these and using braid is useful due to depth and the delicate bite.

So plenty of winter fishing going on here in the Bay. Get into it!

Hope to see you on board soon!

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