May 8, 2020


Do you need a new jigging set?

Everyone who goes on a SpotX charter latest 30th June, are in for the draw to win a PENN jigging set with a value of $599! This high end set from PENN will master anything that comes it’s way and includes the full metal body reel PENN FATHOM 25N and the top notch Ocean Assassin OA 501MH overheadrod. The package also includes a PENN solar tube face shield and a cap, covering most of what you need for a magic and safe fishing experience. In short, tough stuff that won't let you down!

Too good to be true?
Nope, everyone who goes on any of our charters are IN FOR THE DRAW to win a PENN jigging set, value $599!

Big thanks to Screaming Reels and PENN Fishing for making this awesome offer possible!!!

What fishing would you like to do?

Check out our discounted private charters on Winter Specials!

And also the very special distance-keeping shared snapper trip with max 4 anglers!

We are excited to get out there again with you!

Tight lines,


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