Mar 7, 2019

Crazy fishing in Amodeo Bay

Kingies are just smashing everything while the Snapper makes you move...

I'm going to start off with saying the past few weeks here on the northern Coromandel has been crazy, one minute the Snapper are feed strong and aggressive, the next hard to even get a nibble...

So moving around and using the Sounder has been the key to putting our Fishos on the BIG REDS, cracking 4 SOLID Snapper over 20lb mark, all 4 caught with our little friends live Jack Mackerel and only a stones throw off shore....


Kingies on the other hand are just smashing everything like usual, from dead baits to livebaits, even getting the odd one taking small Snapper when you are retrieving them, this is so much fun when using the light gear we provide on Anglers Lodge ll.

The water is a little down in temp reading 20-22 around the Island but only 18-20 up the top at Cape Colville.


So lastly id like to say, stay safe out thereon the water! And have fun!


Tight lines.

Chris SpotX Fishing Charters Amodeo Bay, Coromandel

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