Jun 15, 2019

Japanese Kingfish Sashimi Salad

Absolute divine and something very special!

This sashimi sallad is a Japanese favorite that we learned from one of our lovely guests this summer. It is truly a glorious way to have your fresh kingfish! A few steps and lots of love and you have a delicious dinner, lunch or entree! You may want to double the ingredients since everyone will love it!

Ingredients. Fresh and chilled yellowtail kingfish, fillet trimmed with red meat removed. Cos or iceberg lettuce, Halved cherry tomatoes. One ripe avocado. One sliced spring onion.Japanese mayonnaise. Two large cloves of fresh garlic. 1/4 cup neutral cooking oil. 1/4 cup soy sauce. A splash of mirin to taste. Wasabi and Shichimi (japanese 7 spice blend)


Place oil and finely chopped garlic in a small pot or pan. Heat gently until garlic starts to bubble and fry. Remove pan from heat, do not burn the garlic! When oil/garlic is cool add soy sauce then return to the heat until the soy pops and bubbles. Remove from heat and cool. Season to taste with a few teaspoons of mirin.

Slice kingfish thinly and arrange on serving plate.Slice avocado, lettuce, tomato and spring onion and arrange on top of or around the sliced kingfish. Pour the cooled dressing over and garnish with wasabi, shichimi and swirls of japanese mayonnaise.


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