Jan 24, 2019


Big fish is out there! Kingfish, Marlin or Snapper - Your Choice!

The school snapper have done their thing and have moved on back out of the bay back into deeper waters. Snapper fishing has become a lot more difficult though a good feed can be caught on the sand banks inside the islands in the Bay Of Islands. Some snapper will also be heading up the harbours and estuaries. They are in general a bit more fussy for the moment and we need to move more and do the hunt. Different rigging techniques, like soft bait etc, can make the difference. Sometimes anchoring up and sometimes drifting! Different strategies work on different spots and different days, be creative. It’s fishing at its best!!! We need some patience, as you do when targeting specific species. The Snapper often have just a quick taste of the bait now and you better have the right timing when striking! The gear is of course a good factor as well! Preferably you could use a little softer rod and braid if you like, just to be able to feel the activity and create the action! On Wairere in the Bay of Islands we have just added Okuma Tournament with the reel Okuma Azores 40, supplied by Screaming Reels fishing shop, to the snapper gear and they work extremely well for the type of snapper fishing we have right now. We have put braid on them and even anglers who are not so familiar with braid likes them and are doing very well after awhile practicing. There are still some big fish out there!

The upside when the snapper is backing out is that other species come to the table. We land Blue cod, Terakihi, Granddaddy Hapuka,Trevally and more in the Bay of Islands!

Kingfish are about in good numbers on the bait schools in close and on the deeper reefs but you need to be there at ‘Bite time’ or you can miss out. We have been doing extremely well both in the Bay Of Islands and in the Amodeo Bay on Coromandel. Check out our Gallery!

The big game season is underway though the marlin are still a bit thin and scattered and not many yellow fin tuna around. We expect this to improve over the next month or so. At the moment best bet is just to troll lures covering ground.

The weather has been and continues to be fantastic so get out there and enjoy!


Looking forward to seeing you out there!

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